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RightViewWeb Delivers the Power of Information

We learned years ago that no two large multi-unit restaurant companies have the exact same reporting needs – even if they are franchisees of the same restaurant concept!  That’s why, unlike above-store reporting systems that rely primarily on “canned” standard reports, we designed our operational reporting system to support the specific reporting needs of our clients.  Whether you are a company-owned brand operator, a franchisor, or a franchisee, our reporting experts can help you unleash the power of information that is hidden in your operational data.

We do this by delivering reporting via RightViewWeb, InfoSync’s web-reporting tool that provides a customized way to view operational, menu-mix, accounting and payroll data from across all your restaurants.  Multiple rollups – such as store, market, district and area – are supported.  Your team can access these reports in the format (HTML, Excel and PDF) they prefer.  Many reports include drill-through capability, allowing research from a single interface.  Security is user-specific and can be as wide as the entire company or as narrow as a single store.

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